Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oohlala Pick Of The Day: Sheila Ellis-Glasper

Meet Sheila Ellis-Glasper

I've known Sheila for a very long time. She has always been a positive, vibrant and kind-hearted person. When I learned of her jewelry line I was elated! Sheila has always been very fashion forward so I knew this jewelry line was going to be the bomb.com. Not only is she beautiful, she's intelligent. Former journalist, now entrepreneur, she exceeds every limitation anyone has ever put on her. The scripture Philippians 4:13 reminds me of Sheila. "I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me".

Being best-dressed in high school, it's no secret that you are still in the fashion field. What inspired your taste in fashion?
My style has been inspired by everything around me! From my grandmother who always made sure her jewelry/purse/shoes matched with each outfit to reading luxury fashion magazines like Vogue and Bazaar.

How old were you when you knew you were creative?
When I was a young girl, about 4 or 5, I always wanted paper and crayons/pens to draw instead of playing with barbies. I wanted to create my own masterpieces.

Your jewelry line is very fashion forward and unique. How did you get started?
My husband actually wanted a bracelet that was very expensive for us at the time. I was determined to find a similar $250 bracelet for less online. I ended up taking a photo of it to a local beading store where the staff helped me recreate the same piece for a a quarter of the price. I gave the present to my husband for Christmas and he could hardly believe I made it. It was then I realized I had an untapped gift from God. I also saw a need for creating custom and quality jewelry at affordable prices

How did you come up with the name Precious Heart Designs?
The name of my business is totally inspired by my son. My younger sister, Vanessa, helped me come up with it; Precious Heart Shop. Since I had my son he's helped me to realize how precious life is and every single day is a blessing. Each piece is designed from the heart and made with love.

How has your business grown since you've first started? How did you deal with road blocks?
Business has grown tremendously since our start in January 2012. It was just an idea. I began making jewelry during my maternity leave & found a new passion. I started a website and began taking pictures of each creation. Soon sales started coming in. 
My husband encouraged me to get a business license and see where God takes it. We are in May and we have already doubled our sales from last year. God is good! And I'm thankful for the opportunity to be a blessing to others through spreading God's word with jewelry. 

Ms. Paigion, host from the popular BET video-countdown, 106 & Park, in her Precious Heart arm candy!

How do you balance being a wife, mother & entrepreneur? Can you give any tips to the working mother?

I'm still learning this. It can get overwhelming trying to balance each role. First and foremost, God gave me the vision for this business which has become a ministry for me. Which I never imagined that God would call me and use me in this capacity. I am encouraging others through God's word as well as myself! The pieces are all inspired by scripture and are shipped all over the the U.S. and in Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East & Canada. I've had customers hang their scripture card (that comes with each piece) on their bathroom mirror, car visor, desk at work etc. That let's me know my work is not in vain. If I can be an inspiration to one person each day, I've done my job. So this encourages me!
 But it helps to have a supportive husband who understands me and my goals as a business woman. He has supported me from day one. I went from making jewelry and filling orders during my son's nap time and when he went to sleep at night to having him in a preschool three days a week. It was hard at first but as the business grew it was difficult to balance working from home and keeping up with a toddler! The older he gets the more active he is and needed to be around other children too. 

A tip: It's OK to get help. I had to learn this. Sometimes you can't get everything done, but just prioritize and get the most important things done. Take help when it's given and don't feel guilty about it. Also set boundaries. I am learning this too still. Learning a time to cut business off and focus on family time. 

What's your favorite jewelry piece you've made?
I would have to say the "Taken" set. Inspired by Maya Angelou's quote: "A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man has to seek Him just to find her."

What was your reaction when you received your first negative comment and how did you deal with it?
Anyone pursuing their passion and going off the beaten path into an entrepreneur lifestyle is going to have opposition from friends and family who are not of the same mindset.

I had to stay encouraged that I was and am following God's plan for my life and this is necessary. 

Best experience so far?
My best experience is hearing positive feedback from clients who love their jewelry and are inspired by it. I have made pieces for people who were battling cancer and a friend custom ordered a piece to encourage them. I love seeing the impact I am able to make through spreading God's word through wearable art. My business is much more than just jewelry. Our motto is " Make a FAITH Statement." The pieces serve as a constant reminder of our faith, that God is always with us through each step of life. 

I absolutely adore Precious Heart Shop designs. I had to get a piece for my mother who is a Minister and loves fun inspirational pieces.

You can also purchase jewelry from Precious Heart Shop and Make a FAITH  statement of your own.

Sheila Ellis-Glasper
Owner/Designer- Precious Heart Designs
~Chic, Handcrafted Jewels Inspired by Scripture~
~Make a Faith Statement ~
1 Peter 2:9


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